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Palm Bay, FL - Festival of Fire is a Jet racing series based out of Florida.      

Forget about the racing of yesterday, we've upped the ante by strapping on engines that belong on a jet fighter.  As the official racing series of this thrust driven and turbine-powered drag racing vehicle, the Festival of Fire offers an unequaled Motorsports experience for all.  

The FESTIVAL OF FIRE  will provide world class jet racing Pyrotainment and an educational experience, thrilling and entertaining fans who crave the raw power that jet drag racing can provide.  

Meet the Board

Chris Larsen 
Mike Mathes

Chris Larsen, founder and co-owner of Larsen Motorsports, proudly represents one of the largest turbine powered motor sports drag racing companies in the world.

With his degree in Airframe and Power Plant as well as an FAA licensed pilot, he moved to Florida where Chris started his Aviation career at the Cessna Citation Company.  In his 17 years at Cessna, he lead the Quality Control Department and then became the Southeast U.S. Training Manager at Cessna’s largest factory owned business jet service facility.   

 Now owner of a premiere turbine powered drag race team, the Larsen's keep looking forward. One of Chris's largest passions has become to introduce new talented young adults to the motorsports industry that he loves so much. Chris has aligned his company as an affiliate of Florida Institute of Technology in order to bring career minded young adults to the industry. 

Mike is a 25 year veteran of the financial services industry, having held positions in Accounting, Operational Management, Six Sigma Black Belt, and various Finance and Analytic roles.  He handles the financial affairs for the Festival of Fire. 

Mike spends his free time  the drag strip and in the shop, where he serves as a crew chief for the Larsen Motorsports jet racing teams.  

 Growing up at racing events with a father who was a huge racing fan, and a jet engine mechanic by trade, it was inevitable that Mike would have a love for jet racing in his DNA.   He is a long-time participant and life-long fan of all things drag racing,

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