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Jet Dragsters, Jet Funny Cars

and the Triple Engine JET TRUCK!!!

Pyrotainment, Music,  Fire Dancers, Exotic Cars, Blazing Trails, Vendors

Festival of Fire

The Festival of Fire is an ADRENALINE PUMPING celebration of SPEED, combined with the raw power of 5000 hp flaming jet engines, pyrotainment, and choreographed lights and sound.

The event starts on a Friday,at Palm Beach International Raceway. We light up the night with four jet powered dragsters, four jet funny cars, and the Home Wrecker jet truck. In addition, there will be fire breathing dancers, juggling, and flame throwers to add to the Festival of Fire.

Saturday, the action really heats up as the jet show features three runs for non-stop jet racing action, pyrotechnics, lights shows, music, dancers, exotic cars, vendors, and action.  It’s a flaming, fast evening of entertainment for all ages. 

Palm Beach International Raceway

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